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Yamaha EP50H Water Pump

Yamaha EP50H Water Pump
Yamaha EP50H Water Pump
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The Yamaha EP50H Water Pump is suitable for water transfer, and fitted with Nitrile seals and O-rings for pumping oils and paraffin. A protective cradle frame prevents damage to the pump and allows easy handling. The ideal pump for general purpose use.


Product Specifications

Product Type: General Purpose Pump
Model: EP50H
Yamaha Engine: 4-Stroke Yamaha MZ175-A2B 4.1KW/5.5HP With Automatic Low Oil Protection System and Balance Shaft for Smooth Operation
Outlet: 50mm, 2in
Inlet: 50mm, 2in
Total Head: 33m
Volume litres/min: 640 ltr per minute
Solids: N/A
Pressure Bars: 3.3 bar
Hose Length: N/A
Unique Features: Fitted with Nitrile Seals and O-rings for Pumping Oils and Paraffin Diesel Fuel


Powered by Yamaha Reliability
Supplied Complete With Fittings and Suction Pipe Sieve
Housed In a Protective Cradle Frame



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