Service before, during and after.

Cutters have been distributors of forest, garden and power products for over 25 years. The brands that Cutters represent are synonymous with professionalism and quality. Cutters product range and experience is vast and this enables us to offer the correct equipment for the appropriate application. We are based in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. Our mission statement is on par with that of the premium brands we represent; “Clients who take pride in a job well done rely on Cutters”. Cutters follow stringent requirements to ensure that our client’s activities are made easier and more enjoyable.



Our Construction and Power Product range is stronger and more comprehensive than ever, from the latest in sophisticated cutting and drilling machines to pumps, drum rollers, plate compactors and a wide range of surface preparation equipment.

At Cutters we constantly develop our range of products and solutions to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding professional users.


Forest, Parks & Gardens

Cutters offer a wide range of wheeled and handheld products in this category, catering for all users, from professional forestry crews, farmers and golf estates requiring high performance machines to the home operator seeking reliable proven performance and quality. We also boast a wide variety of accessories, tools, protective equipment, fuel and lubricants.


Cutters supply, install and service a vast range of premium quality portable and standby generator plants from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA throughout Southern Africa. We are technically equipped to offer the required sales and service support to the brands we distribute.

Cutters is a well established Cape Town based company (around 30 years) and in addition, offer various specialised services in this industry that enables us to be classed as industry leaders.

Mission Statement

At Cutters we strive to be the leading authority in our industry. We pride ourselves in the supply of premium quality equipment, services and support to professionals who take pride in a job well done!

Vision Statement

To continue to develop our range of products and services, and we continuously develop our support expertise by listening to the ever changing demands of our clients. Cutters continue to build on the strong foundation of industry knowledge acquired in the past!

Company Goals and Principles

  1. To promote our brands and constantly improve our respective market share.

  2. To encourage the growth and development of our staff and maintain a professional and honest attitude.

  3. To promote the development of our clients through sharing valuable inherited knowledge which will ensure efficient and safe work practices.

  4. To always provide products and services which render good ‘value for money’.

  5. To always conduct our business practices in an honest and respectful manner.

  6. To be the first-choice supplier for our clients.

  7. To constantly adapt to the needs of our clients and ensure that we source and supply the most suitable solutions.

  8. To maintain the highest levels of after-sales service and support.

  9. To always fully guarantee our support business.

  10. To ensure good working relationships with our suppliers and other business Partners.